I don't necessarily think that these triptychs are the only way to present these pictures. I like the unconnected subjects or objects in this form anyway, but whenever shooting with no particular project in mind it is a way for my brain to try and find a story to fit the illustration - rather than the other way round. I often mix them with commissioned work or group them in a more literal way and the relevance often changes again.

There was an interview with Anthony H Wilson from the early 90s I remember (hazily) where he talks about the theory, or lack of, behind the many creative decisions that were made by Factory Records - he said the word 'praxis' throughout. At the time, I misunderstood this to mean 'do what you want and eventually you will understand what it is you are doing.' Only in maybe the last 5 years do I fully realise how important it is to perform your acquired skills over and over again, whilst constantly assessing how the bigger picture is affected.

Anyway - before I launch into stories of Wolfgang Tillmans and his constant and forensic editing... or until a future blog where I will embarrass myself further with the full Peter Saville/ Factory obsession, here is a selection of photographs.