Artist Stephen Wright in his House of Dreams

This shot was taken whilst documenting Stephen's House/ Museum in Dulwich a couple of years ago. It is an amazing collection of found objects and  re-fashioned dolls and toys created over the last two decades. Only open on a few days a month on average, perfect for lovers of Outsider Art. I found it incredibly moving hearing his stories of the objects and the driving force behind the project, it is a must see for anyone searching for those London secret gems we all harp on about endlessly.

The Lord Alfred Dubs

It was quite a feat trying to keep up with 84 year old Alf Dubs as he raced through the corridors and communal areas of the Palace of Westminster. He was constantly stopping to check from the numerous TV screens that he was not needed in the chamber and hailing all and sundry as he whisked us towards Westminster Hall. His energy was matched only by the generosity with his time.

As always it was so good to be working with an old colleague from TO - Alf was interviewed by Rebecca Taylor for Jewish Renaissance Magazine, and sitting in on the interview was a great pleasure.


Sir Derek Jacobi

Its sad when your child grows out of things you yourself find fun or comforting. As my daughter hurtles towards her fourth Birthday, we no longer watch 'In The Night Garden' - haven't for a good while in fact, but she is very keen on her Ballet classes - no matter how chaotic they seem. So, as a thank you, I am posting this picture from 2008 of Sir Derek Jacobi at the Central School of Ballet. He looks a little bemused as the realisation dawns that he is doing my job while I bark instructions from behind the piano. 

I cannot credit the dancers unfortunately - any help would be gratefully received