Daniel Day Lewis

I am very sad to see DDL has retired - I photographed him twice, and both times he was utterly charming. There was a hint of mischief in his manner, a feeling he was both totally aware of the absurdity of 'the junket', yet equally happy watching the various dynamics between Journalists, Publicity Officers, Photographers, and Artist Management.

This was at odds with the view I have read several times today, that he was difficult or avoided interviews or publicity.

Like most people who excel at a chosen field, he probably is excelling in many more areas of his life we never see. I remember that Barry McGuigan was convinced he could have been a fighter after training him for The Boxer. Bit late for that Daniel, but let's hope he changes his mind on retirement.

Artist Stephen Wright in his House of Dreams

This shot was taken whilst documenting Stephen's House/ Museum in Dulwich a couple of years ago. It is an amazing collection of found objects and  re-fashioned dolls and toys created over the last two decades. Only open on a few days a month on average, perfect for lovers of Outsider Art. I found it incredibly moving hearing his stories of the objects and the driving force behind the project, it is a must see for anyone searching for those London secret gems we all harp on about endlessly.


British Airways Business Life

From the March Issue of the in-flight magazine for British Airways. It was great getting a call from Art Director Henry Elphick and Picture Editor Carl Harrison to work on this magazine. Not only was it nice to reach so many readers with a well produced and fantastically designed magazine, it was amazing to spend even a short time with these people. Article compiled by Hannah Hudson.

All fresh and successful businesses in the East End of London. Particularly nice, along with Jose Neves of Farfetch, to share a few memories of our mutual friend Ian Webster.

BABL MarchAAA.jpg